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NEXT STEP with NCUK IFY: Nguyen Thao My

Learning is always more fun and effective when the students know what they are learning for. Studying can be to pursue a career in a field of interest, or to prepare for a future dream. Once the goals are clearly defined, parents and students can more easily plan and choose the most appropriate path for their education.

For Nguyen Thao My - an NCUK IFY graduate in the class of 2021 at Nguyen Sieu School, her dream is to run her own coffee shop. Staying true to the preparational nature of the program, NCUK IFY not only provided My with theoretical knowledge about Economics and Business, but also with the necessary skills to succeed in the international university environment as well as laid the foundation for her future career. Having now graduated, My is ready to take her next step of entering university earlier than her peers and reaching her dreams faster.

But besides all of these plans for the future, NCUK is also a place where fond memories of the student years were made. Let's listen to Thao My share about herself, the ups and downs during her studies and her future plans after completing the NCUK IFY Program in the following video!

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