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Continue your international education pathway- Jasmine’s next step

NCUK Foundation - Alumni Testimonial - March 2022- Jessica

Jasmine signed up for NCUK Foundation in March 2022 after her family’s relocation to Vietnam. Thanks to the pathway that picks up from her previous Cambridge education and NCUK’s internationally recognized certificate, she has successfully progressed in her international education journey and enrolled into RMIT university.

Despite the slightly unconventional timing compared to the mainstream educational timeline in Vietnam, our NCUK Foundation students from the March intake have achieved excellence in their studies and reached their dream international university destination.

Jessica Jasmine Evans is one such student from the March 2022 cohort of NCUK Foundation. Originally from the UK, Jasmine is truly an international student with experience in many countries over the globe. After having completed her Cambridge O-Levels in Singapore, she moved to Vietnam according to her family’s relocation. With aims to continue her international education pathway and enroll into an international university, she decided to sign up for NCUK Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City.

Watch our interview with Jasmine after her graduation at NCUK Foundation


Jasmine’s studying experience with NCUK

NCUK Foundation - University Seminar - Lincoln University NZ
Jasmine and her classmates at a seminar held by the University of Lincoln (New Zealand)

It did not take Jasmine a long time to fit in with her Vietnamese classmates in NCUK Foundation’s international-orientated education environment. She also received a lot of support from teachers, friends and other extra-curricular activities at NCUK in finding a suitable direction for her future career.

“NCUK Foundation has provided me with the opportunity to build a solid foundation while meeting the required results to transition into my university path. Throughout the 9-month course, I have received a lot of support and feedback on my work, as well as guidance on selecting my University major from my teachers. The program has allowed me to build on my strengths of character and understand clearly what my educational goals are. Overall, I have also been satisfied with the educational content and high standards this program has to offer.”

Jasmine's sharing


Jasmine's next step

NCUK Foundation - Graduation Picture - Jasmine
Jasmine at NCUK Foundation March 2022 graduation dinner

Now with her NCUK certificate in hand, Jasmine is ready to make a decision for the next chapter of her education journey. The NCUK certificate allows Jasmine to have freedom in choosing from a wide variety of courses at all of the international universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and even Vietnam.

“After consulting with my parents, I decided to continue studying in Vietnam by entering RMIT University. I chose to study Professional communications as I’m passionate about creating media content and connecting people together. I look forward to taking the next big step in my journey and making the most of my life as a uni student.”

Jasmine's sharing


As an education provider for the next generations, there is no brighter joy than when our students reach their desired goals in their self-discovery journeys. We wish Jasmine the best moving forward to achieve great success in her chosen career.

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