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Let us accompany you to start tomorrow’s education from today!

About us


We are dedicated to revolutionising education through our global education supply chain, transnational education, international academic programs, and campus development projects.


To connect global institutions and lead the education network to provide effective education for the future, which will empower today's learners to create a better tomorrow.

Mission & Vision

2017: OEGI's inception

In 2017, OEGI was established to provide students with high-quality education solutions. The company quickly gained recognition for its innovative education approach and commitment to flexible learning.

2019: NCUK education made accessible in China

OEGI expanded its reach to China in 2019, establishing an NCUK China Campus, the first of its kind in the province.The establishment of NCUK China Campus marked OEGI's entry into the international education provider landscape, granting students access to internationally recognised qualifications from NCUK, a renowned UK university pathway provider.

2020: EAP Space launched in Vietnam

Recognising the growing demand for English language proficiency, OEGI launched the digital academic English program, EAP Space, in Vietnam in 2020. The program helped to equip students with the necessary English language skills to succeed in their academic pursuits.

2021: Establishing a strong presence in Vietnam with NCUK Vietnam campuses

OEGI's global footprint expanded with the establishment of two NCUK Campuses in Vietnam, empowering students to thrive in top-tier universities worldwide. Since 2021, NCUK Vietnam graduates have embarked on their dream academic journeys at prestigious universities across Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and Vietnam.

2022: Expanding into Malaysia with MQP

In 2022, OEGI's reach extended beyond Vietnam's borders, venturing into Malaysia to establish the Master Qualify Program in collaboration with Western Sydney University and enabling Malaysian students to pursue Business Master's programs at Western Sydney University seamlessly.

With Australia as our starting point, a group of experienced education professionals embarked on a mission to transform how we approach education pathways. Recognising students considering studying overseas needs more flexible learning programs to empower them to achieve academic aspirations.

Since our humble beginning in 2017, Origo Education Group International (OEGI) has had an extensive network of partnerships and study centers across multiple countries, providing high-quality and flexible learning programs that are dedicated to transforming the lives of students.

Today, we are proud to have a strong global presence, connecting institutions and students across the world to start tomorrow's education from today. Despite our growth, we remain committed to our mission of providing quality education and preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow.

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