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Enable learning everywhere with a digitalised scaffolding program that guarantees learning progression!

Digitise Academic English learning with a flexible scaffolding program 

EAP Space offers digital Academic English learning programs that are designed to cater to students' levels and needs, providing an interactive and flexible learning experience at an affordable cost.

Empower students by utilising EAP Space, where students can confidently develop their Academic skills and achieve their learning goals. The scaffolding learning programs account for student's current language level, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. Students have the flexibility to work at their own pace or seek guidance from a teacher. 

EAP Space is also available on mobile devices, so students can learn anytime, anywhere.

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Progression Tracking

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Creative Content

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Auto-grading assignments

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Learning progression 

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Class management

For Students

EAP Space is an effective teaching platform that helps educators create engaging lessons, manage classrooms efficiently, and monitor student progress effortlessly. Our intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) enables guided delivery of Academic English courses, provides constructive feedback, and tracks student progress. The platform also provides a communication feature that promotes collaborative learning between teachers and students, both individually and in group settings.

With EAP Space's streamlined management tools and time-saving features, teachers can focus on their main goal - teaching. 

For Teachers

EAP Space provides engaging and effective learning experiences through our interactive lessons, exercises, social skill videos, and dedicated EAP features. Our student dashboard allows for seamless progress tracking, timely feedback, and peer connection to foster personalised learning and achievement of English language goals. 

Built-in platforms for student learning and teacher management 

EAP Space provides a number of built-in functions to support student learning and teacher management. 

Enter a world of Academic and professional opportunities with EAP Space, your gateway to achieving English language proficiency, and your entry ticket to leading educational institutions and universities worldwide.

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Direct Pathway

Successfully completing the EAP Space program opens doors to direct entry into EAP Space partner institutions. Achieving a specified proficiency level on the EAP Space level and outcome test could exempt students from further English language proficiency requirements for admission to these institutions. 

EAP Space's CEFR Outcome Test

Upon completing the EAP Space outcome test, students receive a globally recognised CEFR certificate, which serves as verifiable proof of English proficiency when applying to EAP Space's network of over 300 international institutions. 

Contact us today to learn more about how EAP Space can help you reach your desired CEFR level and embark on a successful academic or professional career. 

Take English language learning journey further with EAP Space's direct pathway and CEFR outcome test! 

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