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Study IAPP for 6 months

Completion of

Senior High School or equivalent 

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1st year Bachelor's program with

credit exemption

The IAPP Pathway

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International Academic Preparation Program

Modular academic program to prepare for international university studies

Student is required to undertake four or five units based on their English test result.


This helps to identify the student’s personal need on different skill development and leads to a successful connection with our partner institutions.  

Modular Learning
Study exactly what you want

Our key partners:

IAPP program partner, Boxhill Institute
IAPP program partner, Griffith University
IAPP program partner, Griffith College

Prepared to embrace international challenges

IAPP focuses on not just academic knowledge, but also developing the student’s cognitive skills and preparing them for university studies in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Students may be eligible to receive credit exemptions into our partner institutions to save both time and cost on commencing their Bachelor programs. 

Study Units

IAPP Study Units

English Learning Unit

Academic Units

Familiarise students with the marketing industry, offering insights into various career paths within the field, including essential competencies, principles, and strategies in marketing.

Marketing Process and Planning

Equips students with knowledge and skills relevant to various Human Resource roles, from generalist positions to specialised areas like recruitment and performance management.

Human Resources Management

Provides students with insight into businesses'

e-commerce strategies and their impact on global competitiveness through practical exercises.

E-Commerce & Strategy for Business

Provide students with the foundational knowledge of business operations, organisational functions, and the broader business landscape, alongside external factors influencing business decisions. 

Business and The Business Environment

Introduces students to essential financial management principles and strategies aimed at maximising shareholder value and achieving business objectives in complex environments.

Finance Management

Provide students with the interpersonal communication skills and Western cultural knowledge necessary to participate effectively in university discussions.

Research Project

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Digital Marketing

Introduce the dynamic world of the marketing sector and the key principles of marketing to students so they can develop a marketing plan and effectively apply elements of the marketing mix in a project.


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Reflect on own personality and perceptions to understand how individual difference informs and influences management approaches.

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and Management

Examine leadership and management theories and principles, and their impact on the effectiveness of an organisation.

Digital Marketing

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Introduce the dynamic world of the marketing sector and the key principles of marketing to students so they can develop a marketing plan and effectively apply elements of the marketing mix in a project.

Business Information
Technology System

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Introduce to IT systems in different types of organisations and businesses such as Finance and Accounting setting. This unit explains how and why IT systems are playing an important roles to help business to achieve corporate goals.

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English for Academic Purposes

Provide an opportunity to develop English language skills in the context of focused preparation for overseas university studies. This unit focuses on educating students in identifying, practising, and applying critical characteristics of the English language and application to academic English.

  • Students with IELTS 5.5 or equivalent --> Standard IAPP with 4 elective units (choose from a total of 10 academic units)

  • Students with English test result or below IELTS 5.5 or equivalent --> EAP + 4 standard units of Standard IAPP

Open Notebook

Upcoming Intake

IAPP will be ready at our Malaysian study centre in March 2024, and in China by June/Sept 2024.

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