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Best international program before university: NCUK Foundation, A Level or University Foundation

Students who have completed IGCSE, Vietnamese Grade 11 or other pre-university programs can study NCUK Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City to progress into university education. So what is the difference between NCUK Foundation and A-Level, IB or other university foundation programs?

NCUK Foundation Dự bị Đại học NCUK so sánh A Level và Foundation khác


International university outcome

NCUK Foundation certificates are internationally recognised as equivalent to A-Level and IB, allowing students to apply to top international universities worldwide. NCUK students have successfully enrolled at all Group of 8 Australian universities, all 8 New Zealand universities, most of Russell Group UK universities, and even international universities in Vietnam such as RMIT and Swinburne.

NCUK Foundation Dự bị Đại học NCUK so sánh A Level và Foundation khác đầu ra đa ngành nghề tại đại học top đầu

Not only that, students are eligible for a broader range of university majors with NCUK Foundation. While A-Level requires students to choose their respective subjects at the beginning of their studies, NCUK's pathway allows students to enroll in a variety of majors from Economics, Business, Communications to Social Sciences and Information Technology, etc.

On the contrary, students studying foundation programs at universities or colleges often have limited university options. Their university major may also be limited by the chosen subject, and is difficult to change later on in their studies as students develop a clearer direction for their future.

Study Duration

NCUK Foundation Dự bị Đại học NCUK so sánh A Level và Foundation khác lộ trình đại học quốc tế

International programs like A-Level and IB require 2 years to complete. Meanwhile, international foundation or preparatory programs usually only require 9 months - 1 year.

Students who have completed 5 IGCSE subjects can study NCUK Foundation. It would only 9 months for students to complete to the program, then they can apply for university 1 year earlier than their peers.

In addition, most universities in the United Kingdom require international students to complete a foundation year before starting their undergraduate program. Studying NCUK Foundation in Vietnam will help students aiming for UK universities save money and time by skipping this preparatory year abroad.

Study Location

A-Level and IB are often taught at private international schools throughout Vietnam.

University foundation programs are often taught on the campus of the organising university, requiring students to live abroad to study.

NCUK Foundation Dự bị Đại học NCUK so sánh A Level và Foundation khác học tại Việt Nam TP Hồ Chí Minh

NCUK Foundation is delivered at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. NCUK students at UEH will experience an international environment and university teaching methods so as to more easily accommodate themselves with university education later on.

In addition, the program also includes optional elective subjects to help students further discover their preferred future careers.


NCUK Foundation is an optimal choice in terms of both time and cost that can also provide an open university outcome. The NCUK program is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills to succeed in university, while allowing students the freedom to pursue their desired path in the future.

Interested? Contact us at the link below to set up a one-on-one consultation session with our representative about the NCUK Foundation September 2023 intake.

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