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NCUK Foundation: The optimal route for studying abroad

For many international students, the academic standards in their home country do not correspond to the academic and language requirements of the education system in more developed countries. This creates many friction when the students try to apply for and study in these countries.

Therefore, many international students choose to study pre-tertiary programs that grant international certificates to meet the entry requirements of universities. However, with countless international programs in Vietnam, parents and students will need to differentiate between them in order to choose the route that best suits their plan.

1. A Level and IB

Programs such as A Level and International Baccalaureate (IB) are renowned for their high academic standards set by the world's leading educational institutions. Thanks to their intensive curricula that specialize in specific subjects, students with an International Baccalaureate Diploma can easily apply to any desired International University.

To complete the Baccalaureate program, students will have to spend 2-3 years studying. Normally, students with A Level or IB will apply and enter University at the age of 18.

2. Foundation programs from International University

Another option for international students preparing to study abroad is Foundation programs offered by International Universities. These programs are designed by the universities to best prepare the students with the knowledge and skills needed to study in their Bachelor programs, and usually take only 1 year to complete.

Foundation students of a university will have a higher chance of being accepted. However, due to the exclusive nature of the program, these students are often limited in their choice of destinations when they complete their studies.

Not only that, many Foundation programs are taught only abroad, making the cost of studying more expensive as well as less secure for students.

3. NCUK Foundation: A foundation program with more diverse outcome

NCUK IFY is a Foundation program designed by the Northern Consortium of Universities NCUK to equip students around the world with the knowledge, English language skills and academic skills to succeed in international university environments.

Thanks to rigorous standards for education quality and outcome assurance, NCUK Foundation qualifications are internationally recognized as equivalent to A Levels and IBs. Thanks to this, NCUK students can apply for admission to more than 40 Top Universities in the UK, Australia and all 8 New Zealand Universities. Not only that, the NCUK Foundation degree is also accepted for admission to international programs in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

The NCUK Foundation program is taught in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Students can enter after completing IGCSE or Grade 11 high school and complete the program in 9 months, thereby admission to University 1-2 years earlier than attending A Level or IB. Students can then utilize this time saved to go for further studies or internship that will always give them an advantage in the career market afterwards.

In addition, NCUK Foundation students will also be able to participate in many exchange activities with representatives of universities around the world, helping students learn more about location decisions. own study and major.


In short, the choice of an International program will depend on the financial condition of the family as well as the student's plans. For families who want to save money but have determined that they want to study abroad as soon as possible, the NCUK Foundation program is an optimal route with an open outcome.

Find out about the most recent NCUK Foundation intake here.

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