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NEXT STEP WITH NCUK IFY: Class of 2021 to New Zealand

Overcoming the difficulties of a tumultuous school year, the NCUK IFY Class of 2021 students in Vietnam have completed their studies at the same time that society was gradually recovering from the pandemic. As countries like New Zealand, Australia and the UK reopen their borders to welcome international students, our NCUK students are confident with the knowledge, skills and results on hand to take the next step in their education.

ncuk students study in new zealand

New Zealand offers a somewhat more relaxed peaceful study abroad experience with a unique majestic scenery, a green lifestyle with close connections to nature, as well as friendly and progressive people. Not only that, the Kiwi nation has a very high quality of education with all 8 universities here in the Top 3% of Universities in the world, providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge that are highly sought after by global employers.

The NCUK IFY certificate is formally accepted by all New Zealand universities to provide guaranteed access to students. Therefore, NCUK students in the class of 2021 have also chosen New Zealand as their destination for a variety of different majors.

ncuk student in auckland university of technology, new zealand

Pham Hoang Uyen Thanh is an NCUK IFY graduate at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. With the belief that everyone in society has the right to quality health care services, Uyen Thanh chose her next step after completing the NCUK Foundation program to major in Public Health. With her results from NCUK, Thanh successfully entered the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, which is among the Top 1% universities worldwide.

I chose Public Health because I want to help everyone in disease prevention and treatment. In the future, I want to be involved in research projects on pathogens, and take care of more disadvantaged patients like the elderly and children.
I chose to study AUT firstly because this was the school my brother used to attend. After doing some research on the school, I feel that AUT is suitable for me both in terms of the chosen study field as well as geographical location.
In the first year, I want to participate in more social activities, and have time to earn more income and experience for myself during my studies.

- Uyen Thanh shared

ncuk students in university of auckland, new zealand

Another NCUK student from Ho Chi Minh City who is also on his way to study in New Zealand is Huynh Hoang Duc. With his passion for natural sciences, Hoang Duc cherishes the dream of working in electronics engineering and starting up his own business. Despite studying in the Business Stream at NCUK, with his excellent grades, Duc received an offer for the Mechatronics program at the University of Auckland - The Top 1 University in New Zealand.

I chose to study Electromechanics because I like Math and Physics. The Engineering field is always in high demand and has many stable job opportunities. In the future, I want to work for big tech companies, or better yet, start my own business
I chose to study at the University of Auckland because the School of Engineering here is one of the top in New Zealand.
In my first year, I think the program will not be too heavy so I will try to join clubs and extracurricular activities to expand my network and experiences.

- Hoang Duc shared


It's great to see our NCUK IFY students reaching the destination of their dreams. We wish you good luck and success on the next steps in your journey!


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