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NEXT STEP WITH NCUK IFY: Class of 2021 to Australia

Overcoming the difficulties of a tumultuous school year, the NCUK IFY Class of 2021 students in Vietnam have completed their studies at the same time that society was gradually recovering from the pandemic. As countries like New Zealand, Australia and the UK reopen their borders to welcome international students, our NCUK students are confident with the knowledge, skills and results on hand to take the next step in their education.

Australia is the perfect destination for many international students thanks to its world-leading education quality and outstanding quality of life. This destination is even more suitable for IFY students due to the guaranteed entry at many of Australia's top universities, as well as the improved sense of security for parents when sending their children overseas at the age of 17.

NCUK IFY student to Australia

Nguyen Van Khanh is a student of the NCUK Program in Class of 2021 at Nguyen Sieu School. Through confidence and hard work, Van Khanh achieved excellent grades and successfully entered the University of Queensland in Australia's prestigious G8 group of universities. With the advantage of attending university earlier than her peers, Van Khanh intends to use this time to look for internship opportunities, and then choose the higher study path according to her needs. "I chose Business Administration - majoring in Human Resources because people are one of the most important factors contributing to the success of any business. I want to understand more about people and human resource management policies to ensure the best working environment for future generations. Moreover, with my communication and networking skills, I believe this career will bring me good opportunities in the future. I hope that I can always maintain a positive and optimistic spirit to overcome all obstacles when experiencing life away from home. In addition, I will always work hard and strive to achieve the best results, as well as be confident and brave to achieve the goals that I have set and the achievements that my family expects."

- Van Khanh’s sharing

NCUK IFY student to Australia

Another NCUK student at Nguyen Sieu School who also successfully entered the University of Queensland is Nguyen Thi Ngoc Minh. Despite her cute and cheerful appearance, Ngoc Minh is also a girl who likes to think one step ahead for her future. Choosing to study the NCUK Foundation Program at Nguyen Sieu School from grade 11, she has now completed the program and entered University 2 years earlier than her peers. "I chose to study Business Analysis because I have always been interested in analysis and calculations. Not only that, according to my research on global job market trends, this industry will also see significant growths in the next 5-10 years. UQ is among the Top 3 universities in Australia and Top 1 in Queensland. The school has a very high ranking, and here I find a very friendly environment as well as modern facilities. UQ is located in Brisbane, a peaceful city with cheaper cost of living than Sydney or Melbourne. That's why I chose UQ as my destination. In the first year, I hope to be able to adapt to the new environment and make many friends from all over the world. Especially, I want to attain more useful knowledge in the future."

- Ngoc Minh's sharing


It's great to see our NCUK IFY students reaching the destination of their dreams. We wish you good luck and success on the next steps in your journey!


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