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NEXT STEP WITH NCUK: Class of 2021 in Vietnam

Overcoming the difficulties of a tumultuous school year, the NCUK IFY Class of 2021 students in Vietnam have completed their studies at the same time that society was gradually recovering from the pandemic. Some students chose to study in Australia and New Zealand, but many chose to continue their education in Vietnam. With the NCUK degree in hand, our NCUK students have confidently entered international programs at universities in their own home countries.

ncuk ify students in vietnam

The remarkable economic, cultural and social developments in Vietnam have made the nation a fertile ground for globalization with the world, this also includes exchanges in the field of Education. Many of the top universities all around the world have invested in modern campuses in Vietnam with international quality programs such as RMIT University and Swinburne University. In addition, many national universities in Vietnam have also organized joint programs with international universities such as: Foreign Trade University - University of Huddersfield (UK), Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam - Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).

Thanks to this, Vietnamese students no longer have to travel far to take advantage of high quality international education. Many international students from countries in the region have also come to Vietnam to engage with the culture and achieve high quality education at a lower price. In addition to guaranteed admission to universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, NCUK IFY students can also enter international programs in Vietnam. By entering school 1-2 years earlier than their peers, students can take advantage of this time to study higher or gain more practical work experience.

ncuk ify student at rmit vietnam

Phan Hoang Ngoc Minh is a student of the NCUK program at Nguyen Sieu School, Hanoi. Despite studying two programs simultaneously, Ngoc Minh still achieved excellent NCUK results and successfully entered RMIT University in Ho Chi Minh City. To lay the foundation for her dream of becoming an exceptional lawyer, Ngoc Minh chose to major in Economics and Finance at RMIT and intends to take advantage of her saved time for higher education in the future.

My dream is to become a good lawyer, but basic knowledge of how the world functions is indispensable in pursuance of that dream. So I chose to study Economics and Finance at RMIT University.
From my observations, RMIT University nurtures a good learning environment with modern facilities as well as energetic and talented students. Furthermore, the cost of studying at RMIT is also suitable for my family's current economic situation.
My most important goal has always been to get good grades in my studies. Moreover, I hope that I will have the opportunity to intern at major corporates to gain more experience and financial freedom.

- Ngoc Minh shared

ncuk ify student in dav

Wanting to follow his family business in the field of Diplomacy, Minh Thanh chose to study at a university in his home country to gain a deeper understanding of the diplomatic environment in Vietnam. For this purpose, the joint "International Relations" program between the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and Victoria University of Wellington is the perfect choice for Thanh to both enrich his experience in Vietnam and his knowledge from developed countries

I chose the “International Relations” program at Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam because I wanted to challenge myself in a new field. I want to continue my family business to become a diplomat in the future.
International Relations is considered as a key major at both DAV and VUW, so this international joint program is the perfect choice for me.
In the first year, I look forward to experiencing new things, I hope I can excel at my studies and meet new friends.

- Minh Thanh shared

ncuk ify student in rmit vietnam

A clear understanding of his own strengths have made Khoa’s major selection much easier. Thanks to his good linguistic capabilities as well as love for Japanese culture, Khoa decided to study Translation and Japanese Language at RMIT University. This time studying in Vietnam will also allow Khoa to think about his choices for higher education more and save up some money for the future.

I chose Translating & Interpreting major with Japanese because I think I have good linguistic capabilities.
I chose RMIT because it has good teaching quality and also has a major I intend to pursue. And since I plan to do higher studies abroad, I feel that studying here will give me a solid foundation in terms of English and academic skills.
I plan to prioritize studying in my first year before think about other goals. I also plan to join at least 1 club and social activities.

- Minh Khoa shared


It's great to see our NCUK IFY students reaching the destination of their dreams. We wish you good luck and success on the next steps in your journey!


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