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Secure your spot early: Griffith University's Year 12 Early Offer and OEGI's IAPP after Year 11

Many local students in Queensland or northern New South Wales, Australia have benefited from Griffith University's new Year 12 Early Offer Scheme, as it helps reduce their stress by giving them an early offer based on their Year 12 results.

However, if you are an international student with aspirations to study business at Griffith University, going through the traditional university applications can feel like an endless process. This is where the OEGI International Academic Preparation Program (IAPP) can help you– it might just be your smarter, faster pathway to securing a spot at Griffith University!

OEGI International Academic Preparation Program IAPP secure early spot at Griffith University - Griffith University Early Year 12 Offer - banner image

IAPP: The advantage of early planning for international students

While Griffith's Year 12 Early Offer helps Australian students, international students have a similar advantage available through OEGI's IAPP program.

International students who want to gain entry into undergraduate degrees at Griffith University can benefit greatly from the International Academic Preparation Program (IAPP) developed by OEGI. The IAPP is recognised by Griffith University as a pathway program designed specifically for international students, providing them with the academic and English language skills they need to succeed in their chosen undergraduate degree.

OEGI International Academic Preparation Program IAPP secure early spot at Griffith University - Griffith University Early Year 12 Offer - pathway illustration

A foundation for success in university

With IAPP, students can start strong after High School Year 11 or equivalent and build a solid foundation for their university journey. The IAPP offers a comprehensive module-based curriculum that covers a range of business-related subjects, such as "Business Information Technology System", "Organisational Behavior" and "Leadership and Management" IAPP provides students with the essential knowledge that is closely aligned with their progressing Bachelor's programs and reduce the initial shock during their fresher years.

Official recognition to Griffith University

IAPP is officially recognised as a pathway to Griffith University. By completing IAPP after Year 11, students can meet the academic requirements to apply for a variety of Business programs at Griffith University.

In addition, the completion of certain business units offered by IAPP may qualify students for credit exemptions in specific bachelor's programs at Griffith University. These units include "Organisational Behavior" and "Leadership and Management". By enrolling in IAPP, students can further streamline their study plan in Australia and make it more efficient.


Success favours those with thorough preparation!

Take your first step in university study planning now with IAPP to give yourself a solid head-start to world-class university education at Griffith University.

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