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  • Huy Vu Ta

A smarter pathway to Griffith University through OEGI's IAPP program

Focused on developing the academic foundation and English language proficiency for university studies, as well as potential credit exemptions, the International Academic Preparation Program (IAPP) by OEGI presents a smarter pathway to Griffith University in Australia.

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Despite its young age, Griffith University is consistently ranked among the Top 2% of universities worldwide by all major ranking publications. Brisbane, Australia's second most affordable major city, offers a dynamic city lifestyle with landmarks, exciting outdoor events, and stunning landscapes while keeping costs manageable. As such, Griffith University attracts a diverse international student body, fostering a vibrant and multicultural learning environment.

IAPP is proud to be officially recognised as a pathway program to Giffith University thanks to the program's focus on building a solid academic foundation and essential English skills. By completing the 6-month program after Senior High School or equivalent education, students are qualified for entrance at the Bachelor's level in many of Griffith's Business programs.

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Why students should study IAPP before university?

1. Bridge the gap for international education

OEGI International Academic Preparation Program IAPP pathway to Griffith University studying

One key benefit of studying the IAPP is the opportunity to bridge the gap between high school and university education. The IAPP program gradually introduces international students to Australian teaching styles and core concepts that may prove challenging at the Bachelor's level. Modules focused on business, such as Business IT Systems, Digital Marketing, and Finance Management, equip students with the necessary skills for success in their university journey with Griffth.

2. Academic English Preparation

OEGI International Academic Preparation Program IAPP pathway to Griffith University students learning

The IAPP goes beyond basic communication to equip students with the advanced English skills needed for university success. Through targeted modules, the program strengthens reading comprehension, writing proficiency, and the ability to discuss academic topics effectively.

The IAPP's Academic English training module ensures that students are well-prepared for the language demands of university learning. The module focuses on academic English skills required for university learning. This is further supported by the international learning environment at IAPP's campuses, immersing students in English discussions at campuses like YES International College in Malaysia fosters confidence and reduces cultural barriers upon arrival in Australia, thanks to the support of teachers and fellow students.

3. Credit exemptions for Business programs at Griffith University

Through OEGI's partnership with Griffith University, some of IAPP's modules align closely with Griffth University's business units (including the "Organisational Behavior" and "Leadership and Management" ). This allows IAPP students to transfer their progress from IAPP to university and potentially receive credit exemptions, saving both time and money in their Australian university education.


Fast track to success: The IAPP Pathway to Griffith University

By choosing the IAPP pathway, students can gain a head start in their journey to international excellence. With a robust academic foundation, proficiency in university-level English, and the potential for credit exemptions, the IAPP provides a smart and efficient pathway to Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.


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