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ECA College Pathway

About ECA College

ECA College is a prestigious institution with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality education. It is known for its rigorous academic standards, experienced faculty, and comprehensive support services. ECA College offers a wide range of diploma, graduate diploma and vocational programs across various disciplines, including Business Administration, Hospitality Management, and Information Technology. Students benefit from a well-rounded educational experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

ECA College's commitment to experiential learning and industry connections ensures that graduates are well-prepared for successful careers in their chosen fields. With campuses located in the biggest cities of Australia (Parramatta, Melbourne and Brisbane), students at ECA College are presented with a diverse cultural setting as well as a dynamic economy filled with exciting career opportunities.

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EAP Space Pathways

ECA College officially recognises the completion of the EAP Space program as proof of English proficiency for admission into its various programs. EAP Space students having finished the corresponding level of EAP Space are considered to meet the English entry requirement of the Diploma and Graduate Diploma programs at ECA College.

Diploma Pathway

  • EAP Yellow students can apply directly to any Diploma program at ECA College.

  • After completing a Diploma program at ECA College, students can move on to study 2nd year of a corresponding Bachelor’s degree at ECA Partner Universities.

Graduate Diploma Pathway

  • EAP Green students can apply directly to any Graduate Diploma program at ECA College.

*Completion of the EAP Space program can only satisfy the English requirements of our pathway programs. Students will still need to meet other requirements of the course for admission.


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