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Asia Pacific International College Pathway

About Asia Pacific International College (APIC)

APIC (Asia Pacific International College) is a leading institute specialising in IT, Business and Project Management education. It stands out for its practical and career-focused approach, preparing students for success in the global business landscape. APIC offers a variety of programs at different levels from Bachelor’s, Master’s to Diploma and Graduate Certificates.

APIC’s campuses are located in 3 major cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Thanks to this, APIC students get exposure to a dynamic and diverse cultural setting along with exciting career opportunities.

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EAP Space pathways

Students applying to the Asia Pacific International College can complete the English program at ELSIS English Language School to meet the language requirement.

EAP Space certificates are officially recognised by ELSIS: students who have completed the corresponding level of the EAP Space program can greatly reduce their English study period at ELSIS. By studying EAP Space, students can save a substantial amount of fees and time compared to studying the full ELSIS Program.

Bachelor’s Pathway

  • EAP Green students need only study another 5 weeks of EAP2/B at ELSIS. After which, students can apply to Bachelor’s programs at APIC.

Master’s Pathway

  • EAP Access students need only study another 5 weeks of EAP2/A at ELSIS. After which, students can apply to Master’s programs at APIC.

*Completion of the EAP Space program can only satisfy the English requirements of our pathway programs. Students will still need to meet other requirements of the course for admission.


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