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  • Huy Vũ Tạ

EAP Space’s launch in Myanmar with Piti Library

EAP Space program integration partnership with Piti Library

Starting in 2023, EAP Space is now available to Burmese students through Piti Library. Students can gain access to EAP Space by signing up for the program through Piti Library’s portal.

Piti Library is an online digital resource with hundreds of e-books, audiobooks and magazines available in Myanmar. By staying subscribed to Piti Library, students gain unlimited access to an ever-expanding library of knowledge and educational entertainment.

EAP Space is integrated into Piti Library’s platform with the aim to improve the Academic English skills of Burmese students at an affordable cost. Furthermore, with EAP Space’s certifications, Burmese students can continue further studies globally through our many pathways with international institutions worldwide.

Learn more about Piti Library:


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