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  • Huy Vũ Tạ

EAP Space's integration partnership with YES International College

EAP Space integration partnership with Yes International College

Since 2002, YES International College (YIC) has been a leading institution in Malaysia, offering a wide range of courses in areas such as business, IT, hospitality, and design. The college is highly regarded as a registered training provider, holding accreditation from both the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the National Accreditation Board of Malaysia (LAN). YIC strongly emphasises innovation and provides top-notch international programs to its students; therefore, in collaboration with EAP Space, we are providing YIC students access to our digital EAP platform to prepare for their Master Qualifying Program.

The EAP Space Program at YIC has become an essential aspect of student life, as it provides access to training and tools that help students acquire academic skills and knowledge while also preparing for their Master Qualifying Program with the University of Western Sydney.

Benefits of the program integration partnership

Organisations can seize a valuable opportunity to gain insights from the EAP Space's integration at YIC. Integrating a CEFR-qualified EAP program into your curriculum can be done with ease, as it meets the established global standard for Academic English. EAP Space is designed to provide a comprehensive and effective approach to teaching and learning English for academic purposes. Its adoption can enhance students' language proficiency and potential academic progressions, adding great value to your institution's educational offerings.


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