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Open Prep Space OpPS  promotes learning syllabuses which provide a set of broad learning outcomes that summarise the knowledge, understanding, skills and mindset important for students to succeed in and beyond their schooling.

Origo's Classroom: Service

I am very satisfied with my learning experience with Origo Classroom. We started things off with a free trial session, which was a great way to find out if your teacher can work with you effectively. After taking two PTE lessons, I found the ielts test format to be more suitable for me; so I continued the rest of my lessons with them, I must say I really enjoyed learning with teacher Vincent, He gives away a lot of practical tips and exam skills which had helped me improved my score. Furthermore, The teacher was able to switch between Chinese and English seamlessly, which was really helpful.

English, PTE

Over the duration of the course Teacher Angela was very approachable and professional. The One-on-one tutoring provided great flexibility for my personal learning. Angela is a teacher with great maths knowledge, who helped me making sense of different mathematical topics very effectively. Her in class examples would also increase your understanding and further helping you to categorise each topic and concept better.
Angela would give out homeworks tailored towards the student and provide feedback, which i found it really helpful.


The course provides a thorough introduction to the practices of Business Law; teacher Jenny is provided excellent learning assistance and practical tips at the end of each lesson. The comments from Jenny are always very encouraging and constructive, which had helped me pass the unit.


Origo's Classroom: Testimonials
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